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Why In Home Pet Vet Services

At Home Pet Vet Delaware - Emergency Veterinarian & Veterinary Care In Your Home

For many pets, changes in routine – including trips to the veterinary office – can induce stress. It is often difficult for the vets to work with a stressed pet and these animals certainly are not demonstrating normal behaviors. A common veterinary phrase is that you will almost never see a "normal" cat in a veterinarian's office – heart rate and blood pressure will be elevated and other signs of stress may be evident. Dogs who have issues with travel, aggression, or disabilities may not be well-suited to receiving their basic care at a veterinary office.

For many owners, getting their pets to the veterinarian is a source of stress. Lifting the dog, crating the cat, getting the kids in the car and keeping them entertained while at the office, or securing a means of transportation can make getting to the office difficult. Eliminating these steps can make all the difference in pets receiving their care – without taxing human patience and resources!

As your in home pet vet and professional veterinary care provider located in Wilmington, DE, we will come to your home at our appointment time – calling shortly before we arrive.

We will come to your home on emergency veterinarian calls as well whenever possible.

Please have your animals confined to an area where they can be found easily, if they are not naturally sociable. If we cannot find or get to your pet, we will have to reschedule, but the travel fee will not be refunded.

At some point in the pet vet visit, we will ask for a brief tour of the pet areas in and around your home. This will help us evaluate any potential behavioral problems and troubleshoot any issues we see in the environment.

Payment is required at the time of service. Cash, check, credit cards (Mastercard or Visa), or gold bullion is accepted. One travel fee is charged, no matter how many pets you have. A physical exam will be performed on each animal receiving services, vaccinations, or prescriptions.

After our appointment, you will receive a full invoice of all services performed and recommendations for future care. This can be delivered via mail or e-mail, based on your preference.

Call 302-298-0841 to schedule an appointment. You may reach us at with any questions or scheduling requests.

Appointment Hours

Sunday12pm - 5pm
Monday7am - 12pm
Tuesday12pm - 8pm (Call for appointment!)
Wednesday12pm - 8pm
Thursday12pm - 8pm

Please note: Pet Vet Emergencies do not need to be scheduled in advance.

We serve clients in all parts of Delaware and will expand our pet vet services to southeastern Delaware County and Chester County, Pennsylvania January 1, 2012.

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At Home Pet Vet Care
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